Times Square

2014 Recap; 2015 Plans

I did this same post last year, and I enjoyed doing it so much I decided to stick with it.  I like sitting back and thinking of all the places I’ve been during the year and daydreaming about trips coming up.  I traveled a lot more this year than last year, and went to several…


Sea to Sky Highway in Photos

It was cloudy and drizzling out when we left Vancouver to drive up to Whistler via Canada’s Sea to Sky Highway.  We thought it was a pretty cool drive on the way up.  Mountains next to you on one side, sea on the other.  But it was on the drive back that we were really…

On the dock of the ferry enjoying the scenery

Getting from Vancouver to Victoria. And Back.

If you look at Vancouver and Victoria on a map they look like THIS (imagine me holding my thumb and finger a centimeter apart) far apart.  This is deceptive to say the least.  I booked our stay in Vancouver long before our trip, and as I was researching things to do, Victoria kept popping up. …

A-maze-ing Laughter

Fave Photos: A-maze-ing Laughter

  “May this sculpture inspire laughter, playfulness, and joy in all who experience it” This quote is engraved at the A-maze-ing Laughter sculpture in Vancouver, BC Canada.  I fell in love with Vancouver during my trip there this summer, but this statue really sealed the deal for me.  Any city that installs a sculpture just…

Downtown Vancouver's skyline

Get the Shot: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Time:  I took this photo June 20th 2014 at 10:59 pm. Location:  I took this photo from Waterfront Park in North Vancouver while waiting for the ferry at Lonsdale Quay. Camera: Nikon D3200, 70-200mm f2.8 lens, Aperture: 2.8, Speed: 1/5 second, ISO: 800

Victoria's Inner Harbor

A Day in Victoria, BC, Canada

  During our week in Vancouver, BC, we took a day trip to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.  Only giving ourselves a day there was a huge mistake (read more on this in a later post), but as packed and exhausting as that day was, we didn’t regret going for one second.  As soon as…