Welcome to Travel Bugged!  I’m Sarah, I live in the middle of Missouri and have a full-time 8-5 job, but I try to travel as far and as often as I can.  I love history and learning about and experiencing new cultures, which is a perfect recipe for travel obsession.  I’m also a borderline compulsive planner and have spent endless hours reading blogs while planning my own trips.  I finally decided to join in, hoping that my first-hand experience and tips might just help YOU plan YOUR next trip!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m Etty from Indonesia and live in Jakarta. It’s nice to know you and read your blog about your travel. I like traveling and photo but my tool is Samsung N 1.0 and Samsung S4:).
    I hope we could be friend and sharing our experience or information for our next trip. My trip is in my instagram “tengku_etty”.

    Ok…see you

  2. Nice site, Sarah, especially your various tips. I have enjoyed your photos on Instagram as well and wish you many years of happy traveling. Joan (aka @rdskolars on IG)

  3. Hi Sarah, we’d really like to use your pic of the TCL chinese theater in LA, in a conference preview we’re running in the Audio Engineering Society journal this month. We’d give you a photo credit if you can give permission! Really need to know in the next few days if poss.

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