Our Unconventional Honeymoon

After a very long hiatus, I am back!  I’ve been VERY busy this year.  I got married the end of May, and if wedding planning wasn’t time consuming enough, Nick’s movie premiered this spring and showed at 3 different film festivals.  I have been traveling, I just haven’t found the time to blog about it for several months.  Time to catch up!

Like I mentioned, I just got married a little over a month ago.  Along with wedding planning came honeymoon planning, which at first was just as agonizing.  We kept going around and around about where we wanted to go.  Our decision making process went a little something like this:

First, we settled on the Caribbean.  With the amount of time I’d taken off work for Nick’s film festivals and the wedding, we knew we didn’t want to take much more than a week for a honeymoon.  I just couldn’t be out of the office for an extended period of time after missing so much time already this year.  The Caribbean is close enough we could get in and out without a long painful flight that would eat up at least 2 days of the time we had for our trip.

Next, I came up with a few things I wanted in an ideal destination.

– Outside the United States:  Maybe next time Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands

– Different currency: I collect foreign currency from every country I visit and a surprising number of Caribbean countries use the US Dollar

– UNESCO World Heritage site:  I am slowly making my way through the list and wanted to make sure to hit a new one on this trip

– Historical/Cultural things to do in the morning, and a beach to read on in the afternoon:  Sure laying on the beach is nice, but it is not my style to do that all day every day.  I wanted the best of both worlds.

– Out of the ordinary:  I wanted some place unique.  I’m sure we’ll make it to Jamaica and the Bahamas someday, but for our honeymoon I wanted to go somewhere extra special.

I started narrowing down from this list, and still could not decide on a destination.  Nothing was standing out more than the others UNTIL….. President Obama announced he was opening relations with Cuba.  My eyes widened and I told Nick in my excited voice “What if we went to Cuba for our honeymoon?!” half joking, still thinking it was highly unlikely.

Then… A few weeks later I was laying in bed and saw an e-mail from Budget Travel with a link to Cuba trip packages through a company called Friendly Planet.  I clicked on it, the price seemed reasonable, the itinerary fascinating, so we booked it the next day!  We decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up.

Let me tell you, it was everything we imagined.  The itinerary was grueling, but worth every moment of exhaustion.  We saw and did SO MUCH while we were there and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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