2014 Recap; 2015 Plans

I did this same post last year, and I enjoyed doing it so much I decided to stick with it.  I like sitting back and thinking of all the places I’ve been during the year and daydreaming about trips coming up.  I traveled a lot more this year than last year, and went to several new places I’d never been.  I didn’t make it to any of the places on my “Seriously Contemplating” list, but got to a few others we hadn’t planned at the beginning of the year.  My highlights for 2014 (in chronological order):

Times Square

-New York City, NY.  To start off the year, Nick & I went to New York City for Martin Luther King Jr weekend in January.  It was my first experience in the Big Apple, and while I didn’t fall in love with it like some people seem to, I did love all the things we got to see and do on our trip.  Click here to read more about this trip.

Skyscrapers and mountains make up Denver's skyline

-Colorado (Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver).  Business sent me out to Colorado again this March, but this time I brought Nick along.  He had never spent any time in Colorado before, so it was fun to show him some of my favorite things in the area as well as try some new things (particularly this…).


Driving up Mount Walker

-Pacific Northwest.    This was my biggest trip this year.  I had a work conference in Portland, Oregon in June and decided to turn it into a 2 week vacation.  Nick & I started in Portland for a few days before my conference, ventured up to Seattle for a few days after the conference, then took a train on up to Vancouver, BC, Canada for a week after that (with day trips to Victoria and Whistler).  It was a jam packed few weeks but we got to see so much of that area in that time.

DSC_0146edited-Boston, Massachusetts.  I took a vacation day over Labor Day weekend for an extra long weekend in Boston with Nick to see some family.  It was a weekend full of history, delicious food, and a lot of walking.  Nick and I both were surprised by how much we really loved Boston.  Luckily we have family there so we have an excuse to make it back soon.

IMG_6669[1]-South Bend, Indiana.  My first time to one of the most famous university campuses (and definitely one of the most beautiful) for a weekend at the University of Notre Dame.  I toured the campus and tailgated, and watched the Irish beat Stanford at a football game!  I definitely got the full experience despite the terrible weather.

-Chicago, Illinois.  We made a few weekend trips to Chicago this year, my favorite being the last weekend before Christmas.  We walked down Michigan Avenue soaking up the Christmas lights and decorations.


-Birmingham, Alabama.  In February I’m going to Birmingham for a long weekend to run the Mercedes Half Marathon.  I’ve never been to Alabama before and I’m curious to see what it’s like compared to the ideas I have of it in my head.

-New York City, New York.  We’re heading back to NYC in April for Tribeca Film Festival.  Thankfully it should be much warmer than it was when we went in January of this year!

-Cuba!  Nick and I get married the end of May and just (as a few hours ago) booked our honeymoon to Havana as part of a cultural exchange tour with Friendly Planet Travel.  This is a dream come true, since up until a few weeks ago, travel to Cuba for us (US citizens) was not an option.  I have daydreams of a country stuck in time with beautiful vintage cars cruising the streets.  I can’t wait to visit and learn about the country and culture!

-The Bahamas.  Nick and I have a Bahama cruise we have to use by the end of next year, so we’ve been talking about going in either November or December, when it starts to get cold and dreary here in Missouri.

Seriously Contemplating:

 These planned trips will probably take up about all the vacation time we have for next year, but I might try to sneak away for a long weekend somewhere close!

-Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Eureka Springs seems like such a cute little town, and I’ve heard great things from people who have been there.  We have some friends who live in Fayetteville, which is very close so this trip could double up.  It’s also only a little over 4 hours away so definitely doable in a weekend.

-Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s only about 6 hours away, this cave exploring adventure is on my list for easy/budget trips to take to satisfy my travel itch.

Have you been to any places on my list for 2015?  What tips do you have for me?

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