Sea to Sky Highway in Photos

It was cloudy and drizzling out when we left Vancouver to drive up to Whistler via Canada’s Sea to Sky Highway.  We thought it was a pretty cool drive on the way up.  Mountains next to you on one side, sea on the other.  But it was on the drive back that we were really struck by its beauty.  The sky had cleared, and the sun had come out.  We stopped at nearly every pulloff along the way back to get out, soak in the beauty, and take some photos.  (I also took some photos while I was driving…. I know it wasn’t safe but it was just too pretty not to!  Nick took over camera duty after a few shots.)  Below are some of my favorite photos from our drive from Whistler back to Vancouver.DSC_0631edited DSC_0648editedDSC_0660editedDSC_0639editedDSC_0662editedDSC_0676editedDSC_0683editedDSC_0692edited

What’s the prettiest drive you’ve ever taken?

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