I Never Travel Without: GorillaPod Tri-pod

My camera on my GorillaPod

My camera on my GorillaPod

My GorillaPod

My GorillaPod

Love love LOVE this camera accessory.  I (like just about everyone) like to travel as light as possible.  Well, a standard camera tripod is big.  And heavy.  Basically the two things that cause me to automatically disqualify something from making it into my suitcase (roadtrips are a different story).  But that sucks for the times I have a shot I really need stability for.  In the past I would set my camera on the ground and spend 15 minutes finding things to prop it to the right angle with (rocks, my purse, a sweatshirt, whatever was handy).  That was until this little beauty solved my problem!  I bought this GorillaPod on Amazon for under $20.  It’s small, lightweight, and straps to the outside of my camera bag.  It screws in quickly to my camera so I can be ready at a moment’s notice.  It’s also small enough I can leave it screwed in and ready as I carry my camera around waiting for a photo op.  The legs bend so you can adjust it for different angles, they also have rubber rings so you can wrap it around and grip poles or branches, making it useful in just about any situation.

What’s your go-to camera accessory for travel?

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