Getting from Vancouver to Victoria. And Back.

If you look at Vancouver and Victoria on a map they look like THIS (imagine me holding my thumb and finger a centimeter apart) far apart.  This is deceptive to say the least.  I booked our stay in Vancouver long before our trip, and as I was researching things to do, Victoria kept popping up.  It sounded so great I thought “We should take a daytrip there one day”.  Being so close, I assumed it would be a breeze to get there early one morning, explore for the day, and come back in the evening.  Now, there IS an easy way to get there and back.  You can fly on a Seaplane to get there, but flights are expensive.  I decided to make our journey a much cheaper (and MUCH longer) way.  We did it, and Victoria WAS amazing, so ultimately we decided it was worth it.  Here is the process we used.

BC Ferries in Tsawwassen Bay

BC Ferries in Tsawwassen Bay

Step 1: Walk to a Skytrain station that the Canada Line runs through

Step 2:   Take the Skytrain to Bridgeport Station

Step 3: Get off the train at Bridgeport Station and get on the 620 Bus

Step 4: Take the 620 bus to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal (about an hour ride)

Step 5: Take ferry to Schwartz Bay (almost two hours)

Step 6: Take bus 70x to get from Schwartz Bay to downtown Victoria

On the dock of the ferry enjoying the scenery

On the dock of the ferry enjoying the scenery

To get back to Vancouver just follow those steps in reverse!  It probably took us about 4 hours of traveling each way for this trip… which is a lot for just one day.  It IS possible, just make sure you have a lot of energy, and a lowkey day planned the day after!  When we go again, we will plan to spend at least a night or two in Victoria.

Have you made this same journey before?  Were you as unprepared as we were??


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