I Never Travel Without: My Kindle

My Kindle Touch

My Kindle Touch

Duh, right? I know.  This one is pretty obvious.  No, I do not think you’re an idiot and couldn’t have thought of this on your own.  I just have a few points I want to make about why I love my Kindle Touch so much.

Size: My Kindle is the perfect size for traveling.   I’ve been really trying to give up my overpacker ways lately, so my Kindle is a step in the right direction.  It’s small, lightweight, and takes up less space than a real book would.  It’s also small enough to fit in my purse.  Trust me when I tell you I take my Kindle EVERYWHERE with me.  It has come in handy so many times, not just flights.  I’ve pulled it out on train rides, car rides, waiting in line at the DMV, you name it.

Battery Life:  The battery life on my Kindle Touch is amazing, and I’ve heard the life on the new PaperWhite is even better.  I can go weeks without having to charge my Kindle.  Perfect for long flights where playing too much solitaire on my iPhone or iPad run the battery down before I even land.  It also means one less charger to have to pack (for my shorter trips at least).

Kindle vs. iPad:  I know a lot of people who have said “why would I buy a Kindle when I can just download the app on my iPad?”  I have an iPad and I love it.  But in my opinion you really cannot compare the two.  My Kindle is half the size of my iPad, doesn’t hurt my eyes to stare at for hours (Left to my own devices I will read for hours on end. Especially when I have housework or errands to avoid.), AND the battery life is about a thousand times better.

Non-travel tip:  I was skeptical to get my Kindle at first.  I read so much I always bought my books used really cheap.  I was worried it would be expensive to keep up my reading habit having to buy all my books digitally through Amazon.  I have a system now.  Amazon has Monthly Deals every month, when 100 books are discounted to $3.99 or less.  They also have Daily Deals when a few books are discounted just for that day as well.  I check every month and every day to see what books are discounted.  I read mostly historical non-fiction and biographies, so I go through those lists and buy any books that look interesting to me.  I always have several books on my Kindle waiting to be read that only cost me a few dollars.  I also keep a running wishlist of all the full priced books I want to read.  Every few days I scroll through my list to see if any have been reduced.  I buy any that drop low enough.  A little patience has saved me a decent amount of money over the last few years.

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