2013 Recap; 2014 Plans

I figure the very last day of 2013 is a good time to look back on my travels from the year, and start getting excited about the trips I have planned for 2014 (or I guess maybe MORE excited, since I live in a constant state of excitement planning my next trips).

While 2013 didn’t take me out of the country, I did get to visit some new places I’d never been in the US as well as some of my old favorites.  My highlights for 2013 (in chronological order) included:


-Colorado Springs, Colorado.  A business trip sent me out here in February and I took the little free time I had to enjoy Garden of the Gods.  I visited this park several times as a kid, but had so much more of an appreciation for it as an adult!


-Lynchburg, Tennessee.  I made this trip for a half marathon I ran sponsored by Jack Daniel’s.  Afterwards we took a fantastic tour of the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  Lynchburg is an adorable little town.


Los Angeles, California.  This was probably my biggest trip of the year.  It wasn’t my first time to LA, and I know it won’t be my last.  But this was the trip I did as much of the traditional “tourist” things I could in the time I was there.  I hiked the Hollywood Sign, put my hands and feet in the imprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, searched for celebrities’ stars on the Walk of Fame, hiked in Runyon Canyon, biked from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach, went to Chinatown and Olvera Street, ate at Pink’s, and saw a celebrity.  It was a busy trip!


-Atlanta, Georgia.  I am a huge University of Missouri (my alma mater) football fan.  So when we made it into the SEC Championship game this year, Nick & I hopped in the car to drive the 10 hours to Atlanta.  That might seem like a long drive for a game until I tell you that a blizzard hit right as we left and it took us 15 hours to get there.  Even though we lost, this was one of the most memorable trips I’ve been on in a long time.  Even if I knew we were going to lose I would still do it all over again.


-Chicago, Illinois.  Quite possibly my all time favorite city.  It had been a few years since I’d been to Chicago during the holidays, which is absolute magic, so I loved being there right before Christmas this year.


I have some big plans for 2014.  A few trips are already set in stone, but I always have a few more ideas floating around in the back of my head too…

-New York City, New York.  I’ll finally be making my first trip ever to the Big Apple with Nick in just a few weeks.  It will only be for a long weekend, but I plan to see absolutely as much as I possibly can.

-Denver, Colorado.  I’m going back to work in Colorado Springs for a few days in February or March, and am strategically planning it so I can go early and have the weekend before to spend some time in Denver.  Nick has never been before so I’m going to drag him with me.

-Portland, Oregon.  Seattle, Washington.  Vancouver, BC Canada.  In June Nick and I are going on a 2 week long trip in the Pacific Northwest.  A couple of our friends will be joining us for the second week in Vancouver.  I’ve never been to this area of the continent, but I’ve heard it is SO beautiful.

Seriously Contemplating:

-Mexico.  My grandma moved there a few years ago, and I’ve been seriously thinking of visiting her there.

-Montreal, Canada.  Close enough I can make a long weekend trip of it, but still experience a different culture.

-New Orleans, Louisiana.   Driving distance, and another place Nick has never been.  I’ve only been once, so there is still a lot I want to see and do there.

Have you been to any places on my list for 2014?  What are the MUST do’s you would recommend?

6 thoughts on “2013 Recap; 2014 Plans

  1. You will love the Pacific Northwest! Being a light rain jacket for sure.
    Oregon – If you can make the drive north west to Astoria, it’s a great town where Goonies was filmed.
    Victoria, BC – definitely take a ferry to the island and get a taste of Britian…tea at The Empress Hotel a must do. Also check out Buchart Gardens!
    Vancouver – Capilano Suspension Bridge is awesome, and Vancouver has a great anthropology museum and Chinatown

    • Thank you so much for the tips! Do you know how far the drive to Astoria is from Portland? Also, how long does it take to get to and from Victoria? I’ve read differing opinions on the amount of time I would need to alot for that. Capilano Suspension Bridge is at the top of my list for Vancouver!

    • I’ve been looking into Mexico a little more since I posted this! Just checking flight options and playing around with dates. I will be sure to check out some of your posts about Mexico!

    • I went to New Orleans a few years ago, but I haven’t been back this year yet. I’m hoping I can work out a time in November or December for my boyfriend and I to go. It’s such a cool city! Have you been before?

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