The Plaza Lights: A Kansas City Tradition

Plaza Lights

Plaza Lights


The lighting of The Plaza Lights is a long held Kansas City, Missouri tradition.  The Country Club Plaza is a must-see in Kansas City regardless of the season.  It is an open air shopping center designed as the first of its kind for customers in automobiles.  Architecturally modeled after Seville, Spain, The Plaza opened in 1923.  Two years later in 1925, the Christmas light tradition started with a single strand of lights.  Over the years it has grown to the now 80 miles of lights that line every bit of The Plaza.  The lights are turned on every year the evening of Thanksgiving in a Lighting Ceremony.  Different hometown Kansas City celebrities are chosen each year for the honor of flipping the switch.


Horse drawn carriages add to the Christmas Spirit on The Plaza

Horse drawn carriages add to the Christmas Spirit on The Plaza


The Plaza lights

Even the Salvation Army gets in on the lights!


Plaza Lights

Plaza Lights


Since I was born and raised in Kansas City, this tradition is very close to me.  I make a point to see the lights every year, and spend time walking around the Plaza at night.  The lights and horse drawn carriages really set the mood.  I challenge anyone to experience the Plaza Lights without being swept up in the Christmas spirit!

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