I Never Travel Without: A Power Bank

My Power Bank

My Power Bank

I have a minor panic attack every time my phone battery life dips below 50% if I’m not sure of the exact moment I’ll be able to charge it again.  This is especially tough when I’m traveling and on it a lot navigating around, taking pictures, etc.  I don’t want to carry a charger (and outlet adapter in most foreign countries) everywhere I go, desperately looking for an outlet I can plug into when I would much rather focus on the sights and experiences surrounding me.  So instead I end up reserving my phone use only for emergencies, and constantly do math in my head about how much battery I have left, and how soon I think I’ll be back at my hotel.

The minute my USB power bank (also called portable charger) arrived in the mail, I knew I was about to be saved a LOT of phone anxiety.  The power bank I have is 2600 mAh and holds more than enough juice to fully charge my phone from dead.  It’s small too, which is nice because I can throw it in my purse and have it on me at all times, just in case I need it.

There is one small annoyance about it.  While it charges my phone at the same speed as my wall charger does; it takes a REALLY long time to charge the power bank.  It can take up to several hours, so I usually charge it overnight.  All in all though, I would say it’s the best $9 I’ve spent in a while.

2 thoughts on “I Never Travel Without: A Power Bank

  1. Great point! Having power on the go is a must especially when you are trying to navigate around a new area and/or need more juice for your camera battery. I came across a backpack made by “Tylt” that is a pretty good set-up for a day trip. It has a 10,400 mah battery and several compartments with pass-through ports to run charging cables. With a battery that size (physical size of battery is about 3.5″ by 4″) you could charge a laptop, phone and a DSLR battery if needed. It may be overkill for some, but for the traveler/bloggger it would be perfect. Something to check out!

    • Thanks for the info! I will definitely have to check that out. I’ve been looking for a new backpack I can take with me on trips for walking around sightseeing or hiking all day. That sounds like it might be just what I need!

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