Krakow, Poland


8/28/12 – 8/31/12

If you ever get the opportunity, VISIT KRAKOW.  This was my favorite city on our trip.  The Old Town square is beautiful, the city has a ton of history (heaven for a history nerd like myself), and I was surprised how INEXPENSIVE it is.


Cloth Hall in Old Town Square

Cloth Hall in Old Town Square at night

Old Town Square – free just to walk around, we joined up with a free walking tour and learned a little more about some of the buildings on the square.

Cloth Hall – big beautiful hall in the middle of the square filled with souvenir vendors.

Mariaki Church in Old Town Square

Mariacki Church in Old Town Square

Mariacki Church – the inside of this church took my breath away.  Pay the small fee to go in the visitor’s entrance so you can take pictures.  Listen for the trumpeter in the tower while you’re there.  Read the legend of this here.

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle – beautiful grounds to walk around.  Walking distance from Old Town Square.

Kazimierz – the old Jewish section of Krakow is now an up and coming area of town with cool bars and restaurants.  We went to Singer (a bar where all the tables are antique Singer sewing machines) and Alchemia (a bar completely lit by candlelight).  I’d highly recommend both of these.

Schindler’s Factory – we walked here from our B&B in Old Town, but in hindsight I wish we’d taken a cab.  It was much farther than we expected. But i do recommend this museum if you have time and are interested in history.

Auschwitz – this deserves and entirely separate post, but it was close enough to Krakow we took a shuttle bus there one day during our stay.

Have you been to Krakow?  Is there anything I should have seen that we missed on our trip??

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